A downloadable game for Windows

A strategy / incremental game made for the GMTK GamJam 2019

Rated 3.4 / 5 and ranked 868 / 2648 games. Part of the 33% best games !

The Theme was Only one.

Play as a creature that only want to dig down (to lay her eggs)

Each time you press space, it's like playing with fire. You 

The mechanics are carefuly tuned between randomness and strategy. Choose if you want to play risky or a more clever way.  Every button press is important. Find the inbetween

Discover Biomes (more than 8 !) and collect Minerals in a procedural world to Spice Up your experience.

Disclaimer :  the point of the game is to understand untold rules and maths problem but also to take risk. 

It's all about what you feel and think. 

If you think that your actions are purposeless. Take some time to think about how the game works.


Build.rar 19 MB


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Nice, but i can't vote.